If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

A little yard stuff, a bit of cooking and lots of grands

Hello everyone 
We had another round of peppers ready to pick.  These grandsons had a big time helping Grandpa pick them.  
Then (again) we roasted, peeled and chopped the chilis and sliced all the bell peppers.  They’ve all been frozen to enjoy later. 
There are still jalapeños in the fridge that I plan to pickle.  

Two of our grandsons live on a small farm and raise Guernsey Show cows.  They showed one at the Tulsa State Fair and a local tv channel did a feature story on them which turned out so cute.  

My husband has been making some decorative knives.  He gets fancy wood scraps from a friend with a high end cabinet business. 
The knife parts are blanks he mail orders.  

We grow zinnias most every year.  It is really easy to harvest their seeds.  
I just trim off the flowers when they’ve turned brown.  
Then I leave them to dry for a few weeks.  
After that,  I’ll just take them apart, keep the seeds to plant next year and then throw away all the non-seed parts. 
There will be thousands of seeds once I separate.  

There could be bugs so I’m leaving the sack of zinnia heads in our tornado room to dry out.  

We mowed and edged the yard this week and we hope it’s the last mowing of 2017.  
I keep an old pair of shoes that are just for yard work.  I’ll wash them and then they’ll be ready for more yard work in the spring.  

It’s been feeling more summer like than fall like but that changed yesterday when a cold front moved into our state yesterday. 
I think it’s amazing that it was 41 in one part of Oklahoma and 94 in another at the exact same time.  

Our daughter in law is a hair stylist.  This is a recent photo shoot at her salon where her 2 daughters posed as customers.  
Both little girls have lots of long dark thick hair. 

I think these photos turned out so cute.  
I’m wondering who had the most fun,  Charlie and Andie or their momma, Sheena?  
I think it was an afternoon to remember for all of them.  ❤️

I just put our supper in the crockpot- Cowboy Casserole from Cheryl’s frugals corner
I think it will taste especially good on this cool fall day 🍁 I’m a big fan of simple recipes like that this that just use basic pantry ingredients. 

Friday, October 6, 2017

Blogging via Blogspot on an iPad

iPads update every few months.  When mine updated this week, I could no longer use the Blogger app that was barely limping along anyway. 

My blogs are all on Blogspot and I hear Wordpress is great but I don’t want to change right now. 
I looked online for help but didn’t find much. 
First I bought the BlogPress app but it was complete waste of money and time. I couldn’t even log into my blogs through it,mart alone post. 

Then I saw the Blog Touch Pro in the AppStore.  I bought it and it works perfectly for the kind of blogging I do. 
I can add 5 photos at a time, do links and bold or italics with ease. 
It also edits photos but I haven’t spent enough time on it to figure that out.

The only weird thing is it posts my photos so big. I had to change the margins so they would fit.  
But I like the big photos so it’s ok with me. 

The Blog Touch Pro app is $5.99 right now.  I think it was $4.99 when I bought mine last week. 🤔 

Anyway, for using Blogspot on an IPad, Blog Touch Pro is the solution I needed. 

In the Kitchen - Hello Fresh review and some homecooking

Subscription meals are very popular but I had never tried them.  
In September, I loosely followed a plan called “ShelfTember” and my goal was to use up ingredients that we’ve had for awhile.  I used up lots of oddball ingredients and freezer leftovers. I also did very little grocery shop in September. 
Near the end of September, I saw a coupon code to get your first Hello Fresh shipment at a big discount.  So, I thought we’d try it.  
Above is my 2 year old grandson sitting beside our delivery- it came by USPS.  

Near the top of the shopping crate is where these 3 bags were.  They contain the ingredients needed for each recipe.  

The shipping box was very insulated with several ice packs.  
The fresh meat was in the bottom. 
All the cold ingredients were very cold when delivered and they stayed fresh in our fridge until I cooked them.  

Hello Fresh sends very easy to follow recipe cards and nutritional information.  
Inside the brown paper bags, are the exact ingredients needed for a recipe. 
(At home, you will need to have basic cooking tools with salt, pepper and cooking oil) 
Below is the ingredients is for Sesame Beef Tacos.  

This plat contains 2 of the sesame beef tacos and we added Homemade refried beans from our freezer.  
This was our favorite of the 3 meals ( but we truly enjoyed all of them) 
We’d never cooked cabbage with our taco meat or had pickled vegetables on tacos. The Korean Red pepper flakes were a new spice to us, it is hot but mostly just spicy and delicious, 

This is our Sizzling Hoisin shrimp.  
My husband said “fabulous, absolutely fabulous” will he was eating,  

Our last meal was Creamy Dill Chicken,  the sauce was so good! 
We won’t be regular Hello Fresh customers but we did enjoy these 3 meals.  
I may order again we have a staycation or if we take a vacation and stay in a condo.  
The food is restaurant quality,  the meals are easy to prepare.  
I do plan on sending a gift certificate as a wedding gift for a couple of med school students that getting married this fall.  

This week, I baked 2 batches of sandwich buns and 2 loaves of pecan raisin bread.  
I also made some spreadable butter for the first time.  
I beat together 1/2 pound softened butter with 1/2 cooking oil in the mixer and then stored it in little Pyrex containers.  
So far, it’s great.  It is easy to spread on our morning toast.  

We cut what it probably our last watermelon of 2017.  
It was a really good one! ,

Have a wonderful weekend everyone ❤️

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Slipcovers for potholders - and fresh peppers and watermelon in October

My first sewing project this week was to redo some much used potholders.  I made these years ago and have used them often but they are really getting worn out. 
First I laundered them all. 
Then I found some cute Debbie Mumm fabric in my stash to recover them.  

The potholders are similar but not the exact same size.  
So I cut fabric a little bigger and then drew around the old potholder.  

The drawn line is my stitching line, except I left the top open.  
I machine stitched the line and then turned the slip cover right sides out, inserted the old potholder and then turned under the top edge and stitched all the way closed.  

Now I have 6 “new” potholders for just a half hour of my time.  
Then I cleaned out my potholder drawer (where do all those drawer crumbs come from anyway)
and put them back in their place.  

My husband picked another peck of peppers -not really a peck but quite a few.  
Some of the bell peppers are purple, they taste just like the green ones. 

A real treat right now is watermelon in October. 
Watermelon is my favorite fruit and I thought we had ate our last one.  But we found huge watermelons at an Oklahoma City grocery store. They looked good so we bought 2.  My husband cut up the first one Monday night and it is sooooo good, 

The drink dispensers were bought on clearance at Hobby Lobby.  We use them when we have a big family meal.  
They are also nice for holding the Crystal Light drink mix we’ve been enjoying since I gave up diet soda.  I’m mostly drinking water and plain black tea but a sweet glass of sugar free lemonade and fruit punch taste really good too.  

I prefer to blog on my IPad but it just updated and the app I was using doesn’t work with the new IOS version.  I did research and didn’t find much help but I ended up buying a new app and so far, this draft has been very easy.  I hope it looks this good when it’s published.  
We will see!
Anyone else do blogging via Blogspot on an iPad and have any advice for me? 

Monday, October 2, 2017

lots of lists and sewing plans

Hello everyone,
I'm going to try my old way of list making as I have a lot of plans floating in my head and just one sheet of paper wasn't going to hold them all.
I am using a plain spiral notebook
On 1 page I wrote ideas for main dishes and desserts that we have the ingredients for.
I won't cook them in any particular order but this is what I plan to cook in October
this page is the tasks I hope to accomplish this week - I just put an X beside it when it's done

I have not been keeping close track of our grocery/household spending and I want to start.  
Our financial month does not run exactly with the calendar months, so even though this only the 2nd of October,  I have already done the majority of this month's shopping.  
I'll continue to keep track as the month goes on.  
The Aldi in our town has been remodeling and enlarging and it's really nice.
They will have a Grand Reopening this week and they mailed out $5/30 coupons for this Aldi.
We got a coupon in our mail and our daughter gave me hers.
So will go twice and spend as close to $30 on each transaction before the coupon is deducted.
I started this list of Aldi staples that I am hoping to stock up on.  I won't plan the list out exactly as Aldi sometimes runs out of things but this way I have a basic game plan.

On the dining table, is a stack of fabric and some patterns.
"Cut Out" on my to do list refers to cutting out things to sew.  Since taking this photo, I've cut out 2 tops for me and drew off a kimono pattern for my daughter.
I am hoping to sew several tops and 2 kimono tops and maybe a dress soon.  They may not all get done this week but I hope to get them soon.

It's hard to be cheerful after the dreadful story from Las Vegas. 
There must be thousands of people with broken hearts as the news of their loved ones is reaching them. 
I can't fix that situation but I can take care of my family and home.   So I am choosing to stay busy at home and not watch the news.  

Jeff and Rhonda

Jeff and Rhonda